How to Properly Clean the Urinal

Cleaning the Urinal

  • Flush the urinal
  • Remove urinal screens, blocks, and other foreign materials that may have collected in the urinal bowl.
  • Squeezing some of the bowl cleaner liquid along the top of the inside flushing edge of the urinal.
  • Allow the solution to run down the interior surface of the urinal.
  • Spray some disinfectant on the paper towel or a disposable rag, and wipe down the exterior surface of the urinal.
  • Wipe down pipes and flushing handle.
  • Thoroughly scrub the interior surface of the urinal with a brush, such as toilet bowl brush.
  • Flush urinal once more.
  • Place new Urinal Toss Block or  Urinal Screen with Block  into the bottom of the urinal.
  • If you have more than one urinal bowl, repeat.

How to Get Rid of Hard Water Stains and make Your Bowl Squeaky-Clean?

If hard water in your area leaves calcified deposit stains in your toilet bowl or urinal bowl, an Acid Toilet Bowl Cleaner may need to be used.  Use of toilet bowl cleaner should depend on how hard the water is: you may only need to use an acid bowl cleaner once a week, or once every two months.  Start by using an acid bowl cleaner once a week and monitor the progress, then increase or decrease depending on your results.